General Questions

What’s a hackathon?

A hackathon is a fun event in which software developers, designers, and project managers collaborate intensively to develop awesome projects in 48 hrs.

What’s the end product?

A simple working prototype of a new and innovative idea that is related to the banking and financial services industry.

What are the themes?

Specific areas that we are interested in for this event are Every Day Banking, Short Term LendingHome Buying and Ownership.

Who owns the IP for my idea?

We are changing our approach from this Hackathon going forward. From this event, we have a strong intent to progress either the winning idea or several winning ideas into pilot solutions that the bank presents to its colleagues and customers. Consequently, by bringing your idea to this Hackathon, you are granting the IP rights to this idea entirely to RBS Group. Full details can be found in the Terms & Conditions of the Hackathon on the registration page.

What support will be available?

There will be people on hand to help with technical setup, API sandbox testing and presentation practice. Every step of
the process will be fully explained during the weekend.

What’s the schedule?

Check out the schedule – Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch, Dinner is on the house!

Who are the participants?

Corporates, University students, FinTech companies, Startups – everyone is welcome.

Do I have to come with a team?

No! We will help you find a cool team to join if you come on your own or with a friend.

What’s the maximum team size?

Up to five individuals.

Should I bring a laptop?


What else should I bring with me?

Please bring the email confirming your event registration. Please also bring one form of Photo ID with you. If you are a student, please carry your valid student ID.

Do I have to be a (software) hacker/programmer?

No, business folk, designers and anyone with bright ideas and energy is most welcome!

What if I’ve never been to a hackathon?

Perfect! Come and have a great first experience!

I don’t want to participate, but I am curious…

Come along and watch! We recommend coming during the initial idea pitching and the final presentations even if you can’t
stay for the whole event.

What should I come with?

You can come with ideas for web or mobile applications. We’re looking for ideas that help people experience banking
in a new way, so get creative and build something innovative and unique.

Will there be prizes?

Yes, and the potential chance to present to the board of RBS.

Will there be free food?

Yes. And drinks! And fun activities will be lined up throughout the event.